We Are the Bozeman Community Teaching Center


Opening in 1991, The BOZEMAN COMMUNITY TEACHING CENTER is a non-profit spiritual community located in a beautiful retreat setting in the heart of Bozeman, Montana. We are a multi-denominational organization and a warm, friendly gathering place for fellow seekers of Truth. Our purpose is to be a spiritual nurturing place for seekers residing in the micropolitan Bozeman area. Here we offer teachings that assist seekers to awaken to their true divine potential and to discover their Real Self. These teachings are the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Masters are the saints and sages of East and West, our elder brothers. You probably know some of them. Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Jesus Christ, Saint Michael the Archangel, Zarathustra, Moses, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Saint Francis, Saint Germain, El Morya, Thérèse of Lisieux and many other unnumbered loving hearts, servants of humanity.

On our site, you can explore the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as delivered through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. These teachings and their application can bring positive change to your life — and to the planet!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet

The fundamental principle of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters is that you are a son or daughter of God with a divine spark within you. By perfecting that God-spark, you can ascend back to the heart of God as Jesus did. This mystical concept is at the heart of the teachings of all the major religions, East and West.

At the Bozeman Community Teaching Center, you can learn more about the path to the ascension from the teachings of the saints who have gone before us into spiritual realms. 

You can also learn more about the mystical paths of the world’s religions. Our multi-denominational beliefs recognize and honor the truths of the world’s major religions. We are one!

Ascended Master Jesus and Ascended Master Saint Germain
The Sponsor of the Piscean Age and The Sponsor of the Aquarian Age


We welcome you to contact us with your questions or to schedule a visit.

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