Moderate Pace Saint Germain Service

Saturday Night ServiceFor Keepers of the Flame and Friends!
Moderate Pace Saint Germain Service
Broadcast Live from our BCTC Chapel
5:00pm – 6:00pm

Beloved Saint Germain

Join us for a free, one-hour devotional decree service dedicated to our beloved Saint Germain every Saturday from Bozeman, Montana. This service is perfect for Keepers of the Flame on lessons 1 – 7, for our youth, and for those who prefer to decree more slowly.

  • Decree for one hour with people all over the world.
  • Uplift and bless your home, family, and your neighborhood.
  • Be a focus of light for your city and nation.
  • Sing joyful songs unto the Lord.
  • Give powerful protection decrees at a slower devotional pace.
  • Transmute karma with 15 minutes of violet flame.
  • Learn from inspiring excerpts of teachings from the ascended masters

Join us, won’t you? No broadcast subscription required. It’s free!

1. Go to
2. Click on the Member Area
3. Log-in using your KOF Member ID

For Broadcast Subscribers:
4. Click the Broadcast tab, then Live Broadcast
5. Or scroll down, Click Live Broadcast Calender
6. Click the link or copy/paste it in your media player

For Members, but Non-Broadcast Subscribers:
4. Click on Broadcast tab
5. Scroll to More Free KOF Broadcasts
6. Click the link or copy/paste it in your media player

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